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Please Note: Default City is set to Niagara Falls, Ontario Weather as reference. You may search your a new weather location however after typing your new location wait a few seconds for the listing to display then choose from that listing. Clicking on that listing will take you to a more indepth weather page for that particular city.

Please Note: I may re-schedule appointments with you in advance for Rainy, Snow or forcasted Storms due to decreased lighting conditions.  Pictures will not look their best on dark rainy or stormy days with low lighting conditions (even with supplying light) and my equipment is at risk of getting wet while taking the outdoor photos. Deposits paid for appointments that are re-scheduled will be moved over to the new appointment time. Clients are NOT required to rebook an appointment through the website for the same appointment.

Why is the Weather important ?

Having good weather with good lighting situations help make your photos look that much better.

For the optimum lighting Conditions:

Choose a day with slight or mild  overcast or partly cloudy with sun or full sun**

Avoid: Rainy, snowy or windy days as well as any wet or low lighting conditions

** Shooting in Full Sun can sometimes be problematic due to the harsh shadows cast due to direct light however we can work with these conditions.

When choosing your day be aware of what time the sun casts it rays at or near the front of your property ! Determining lighting on this day and time will be one of the most important decisions on the outcome of photographs taken for the front our your property. (Photos may not look the best if harsh shadows or sun highlights are present).

Currently Appointment times available are scheduled for morning (9:00 am) or afternoon (2 p.m.).

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Please Note: When Booking for larger properties, if video packages are also desired and there is not enough time onsite to complete both photo and video work, I will re-schedule and co-ordinate with you to make a suitable time work for completing the video portion. Photos are priority and will be completed first.

Please note: All appointments are scheduled for 4 hours block of time however most of the appointments will not take that long depending on what package or add-ons you have selected. If you are currently occupying the property (residence) Please plan your away time accordingly.

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