Karr Galaxy Studios provides Quality Images and Video Services at reasonable prices to realtors or comfree home owners for selling real estate properties

“Not your average run and gun photographer! I produce a quality product that looks good and attracts buyers to real estate property, after all isn’t that the point ?”

Karr Galaxy Studio's Philosophy

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Creating Quality Photography and Media Content takes time, talent, customer service and a decent level of gear to pull it off right.

Balancing quality with these variables can be challenging !

It can be difficult when choosing the right Photographer as there are different types of real estate photographers out there ! Some are more artist (architectural photography) taking hours to get the perfect shots and some are more like machine gunners (get in take a million pictures and get out). Each approaches having their own strengths and weaknesses.

At Karr Galaxy Studios I take a middle approach to photography. I balance Quality with practicality. I take images that look good while getting the job done in reasonable time frames.

To get to know who I am and what i offer have a look through my portfolio !

Time   I provide great looking images in a reasonable timeframe. 

My philosophy is simple, I choose Quality over Quantity and take the photos you need to showcase your property to buyers. Our standard HDR photo packages utilize a list of your standard rooms customers want to see and I am upfront on the time required to complete these. Need more ? Choose to Add more photos to the list (additional time and fees required).

Talent Talent is sometimes learned or comes to some people naturally. Self Taught in photography, I am constantly learning new techniques, technology and ways of solving problems. I have also been doing Video work privately now for a while (Check out my YouTube page for some creative non real estate related video work).

Photography and Video each have their own set of challenges but are very much tied to the basics of one goal, creating beautiful images for clients. Having a passion for creating great images helps because it forces you to improve your work. As a former Technology worker I dealt with many challenges of solving problems and getting things to work all while trying to improve technique or systems. The skill of problem solving really does help in photography! For example figuring out the best way to light a room or what settings to use for what conditions. Although an ongoing process of learning, Photography challenges cover a lot more than just the technology requirements. Personal creativity also does reflect in my work. When technology, technique and creativity come together, you end up with a talented photographer. 

Photographic Services

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photos

I take multiple exposures for each image at different shutterspeed levels and combine them in our editing program to create the best possible image quality to show off your property. I also custom edit these images to bring out the true colors and image as if you were there !

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Single Exposure (no HDR)

Multiple Exposure (HDR + Editing)

Video Featurettes, Showcase and Walkthroughs

Why not consider adding Video as part of your property sales and marketing strategy? Nothing beats a video showing more detail to your buyers and will guarantee that more serious quality buyers will be contacting you ! Whether you want a featurette of a single room, A property showcase or a complete walkthrough shot in the style like the viewer just walked through your entire house!

Video shows the buyers exactly what it would be like to visit your home for the first time !
Available as an addon to any base package (for better pricing please check out my bronze, silver and gold packages) !

Example Kitchen Featurette

Video Marketing  

I host all of our videos we create on YouTube and Facebook. I do this with creating the proper SEO to find the videos online and proper descriptions too. What this means is that the Videos I create are more easily searchable for your clients!

YouTube is becoming a powerhouse when it comes to video, its a household name. I’ve spent years managing my own YouTube channel and the increased traffic benefits my customers. Instant exposure to around the world, i leverage my connections for each property simply by posting it to my channel. This lets realtors reach more potential customers!

This is all provided within our Video services packages cost. nothing extra.

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Please Note: All provided services subject to change.